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July 20, 2022

How to Pick the Right Bridal Veil for Dreamy Wedding Images

As a Southern wedding photographer, I know that you’ve probably spent hours looking through dreamy wedding images that you long to have on your special day. You might not realize just how important a bridal veil can be to achieve this look. It’s a statement piece, an essential part of your wardrobe, and, if you plan it just right, an important aspect to getting those romantic and dreamy images that you’ve probably seen on Pinterest or Instagram. 

So now I’m sure you’re asking yourself “How do I pick the right veil?” Here are a few things we can do with a veil and what you need to consider to make these images a reality!

The key to any good veil shot is length. The longer the veil, the more we can play with!

The Veil Swoop

This is probably my most favorite movement to do with a veil. Having a longer veil gives me the freedom to play with it! 

I’ll typically hold it out it front of my camera with one hand, letting it fall just enough to create the sweeping motion. Or if there is a bridesmaid nearby I might let them join in on the fun and hold it to help me create the magic.

And, if we’re lucky, the wind might even come into play and help us out a little to create even more dreaminess. 

The Veil Toss

This shot is never easy but SO worth it when it turns out right! Just look how dreamy it turns out!

The main thing to consider if you want this type of shot is weight. If your veil is a heavier fabric or has a lot of lace, it’s going to sink pretty quickly when we toss it up into the air. A lighter fabric, such as tulle, will float down gently, giving us plenty of opportunity to craft the perfect shot.

This is another situation where I might ask a bridesmaid or family member to help out. They will quickly throw your veil up high into the air and step back to remove themselves from the shot. 

The Veil Snuggle

If you’re going for romance, it’s hard to pass up the veil snuggle shot!

To create this shot, we need a veil big enough for all three of us to get under. We might feel cramped for a minute under there together but don’t worry! As you’ll probably hear me say many times throughout the day “feels weird but looks great!!”

Just pass through any awkwardness and focus on each other. This is a time to just relax into each other’s arms. Snuggle. Rub noses. Go in for that giggle kiss. Remember this moment forever.

Romantic and dreamy wedding day images are right at your fingertips! With careful consideration of your wedding day veil, this Southern wedding photographer can guarantee that you’ll have those images that will make your heart be faster!

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