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December 1, 2022

How to Display Your Dreamy Wedding Photographs in Your Southern Home

The wedding day is over. The memories have been made and it’s time to start your new life together. The excitement of receiving your wedding gallery from your photographer has you overflowing with joy. However, now you’re unsure what to do with a folder of digital files sitting on your computer. No worries!! There are so many amazing and unique ways to display your dreamy wedding photographs in your new Southern home. Here are just a few ways to show off those romantic images!


One of my most favorite ways to show off your wedding photographs is in an heirloom album. Albums are the best way to show off the whole day to guests as they visit your new home. These leather or linen bound albums can display the day from start to finish, in a well-preserved format that can be passed down for generations. The customization options for albums are endless as well! Choose from debossing the front cover, cameo covers, and many other options to make your wedding day album uniquely your own.

wedding photographs square canvas wall art display


Want some texture? A canvas print is an instant favorite of most bride and groom couples. There is just something magical about a large canvas displayed in your living room or even hanging above your bed. Seeing this large format piece hung in your home is sure to help you relive those perfect memories over and over again!


Framed artwork is always so beautiful in a home. Whether it’s big or small, sitting on the shelf or hung on the wall, a framed portrait is classic. This is a favorite of many parents and grandparent too (gift ideas, right?!). No matter what frame you choose, you can’t go wrong with a timeless framed portrait of the bride and groom.

wedding photographs wall collage display

Wall Collage

This display allows the creativity to flow!! You can choose different sizes, different materials, and different arrangements to truly show off your special day. Whether you choose to display three or fifteen images, a wall collage is the perfect way to fill the space in your home with your cherished memories.

wedding photographs canvas in bedroom display

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