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August 11, 2021

3 Reasons to Have a First Look | Louisiana Wedding Photographer

The first time a bride and groom see each other on their wedding day is truly a magical moment. This is true whether it is when the bride is walking down the aisle or if they chose to do a first look before the ceremony. But I believe there are some significant reasons to have a first look.

First of all, you may be asking: what is a first look? This is a private moment between the bride and groom earlier in the wedding day before the ceremony. I would estimate that at least half of my couples chose to have one. In all of my years of being a Mississippi and Louisiana wedding photographer, I’ve never had a couple regret choosing to do a first look (however, I have had some regret not doing it).

Here are a few important reasons to consider having a first look on your wedding day.

A first look breaks down the nervousness and gives you a moment to relax

Although first looks are great for pictures (I’ll get to that in a minute), I believe one of the most important reasons to choose a first look is for YOU. This private moment gives the two of you time together that you might not have later in the day. If you are extra nervous or a little timid, having a first look gives you the moment to soak all of it in without having hundreds of eyes watching your reaction.

It makes more time for portraits without sacrificing reception time

One of my favorite reasons to choose a first look is for the portraits! The first look itself not only gives you 15-30 more images but it also gives you extra time for bride and groom pictures after. Most of my couples who choose a first look actually get two sets of portrait times – after the first look and at sunset, giving you so many wonderful options to display in your home. Plus, getting all of the portraits (yours, bridal party, family) out of the way before the ceremony allows the two of you to go straight to the reception and not miss a thing!

Look your best

I believe this is a reason that not many people consider when making the first look decision. A first look is typically held immediately after you both get dressed. This means that your hair and makeup will still be fresh and perfect, along with your flowers for portraits!

Whatever decision you make, the first time you see each other on your wedding day is one you’ll never forget!

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