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August 18, 2021

Tips for Better Bridal Getting Ready Photos | Mississippi Wedding Photographer

The bridal getting ready portion of the day is probably one you won’t put a lot of thought into ahead of time. After all, you just need a space where you can get your hair and makeup done, right? Well if you want amazing and stunning bridal getting ready photos, then there might be a few things for you to consider!

Natural Light

One of the first and most important aspect of any bridal getting ready suite is natural light! You will hear plenty of photographers talk about how important this is to having those eye catching images. Aside from large windows, another way to help mimic this is to have neutral colored walls and a white ceiling (which is perfect if we have to pull out the flash!). All of these elements come together to give you a clean, organic look that you will love!

Clean it Up

There is one thing that I encounter in almost any bridal getting ready suite – clutter. This is something that can be very difficult to avoid with several ladies getting ready in the same location. To make your images clean and neat, have someone clean up the area around your hair and makeup station at the very least. Put everything into a separate room (if possible) or a bag hidden nearby for easy access. This overlooked tip is one that can make or break any getting ready portrait.

Rent a Space

If you’re worried that your venue, church, or home may not have these key elements, then don’t worry! I have plenty of brides that choose to rent a hotel room or AirBnb for their bridal getting ready photos. View the space ahead of time to properly make this decision and ensure that the room will meet your expectations. Just make sure that it is within good travel distance of your venue.

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