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August 10, 2022

Why Have An Engagement Session? | Haleigh Kirkland Photography

If you’re newly engaged, one of the questions I’m sure you’re asking is “why have an engagement session?”. There are so many wonderful reasons why you should consider having one!! Here are just a few to help shed some light on this important part of your engagement journey.

Get Comfortable in Front of the Camera

Most couples have never had professional photos taken, especially together. Sometimes I will have couples tell me (immediately upon arrival) how awkward they are in front of the camera. But no worries here! My engagement sessions stress free and fun! In fact, I have many couples that are smiling so big by the end of the evening. Many grooms have even said that it was more fun than they anticipated. And I make this so easy because…


Having an engagement session means that you get to learn all of my posing system prior to wedding day. I give simple, easy to understand directions that will help you be comfortable and gain confidence. Which makes your photos even better!! No need to worry about where to put your arms or where to look. I’ve got you covered.

Allows Us to Get to Know Each Other

Spending time with your photographer prior to wedding day is so valuable. It allows us to get to know each others personalities, which makes for better photos. Come wedding day, I’ll know exactly which side the bride prefers to stand on or if you’re open to cuddling/kissing poses. Knowing your personalties means that the photos will fit YOU.

Your Wedding Photos Will Be Even Better

Based on the last three points, your wedding photos will be ten times better for this reason. You’ll go into wedding day fully comfortable in your photographer and their abilities. And that’s one less thing to worry about on the most important day of your life! You’ll immediately be comfortable with your photographer again. Also, you’ll remember the poses to allow for more wedding day portraits since you won’t be learning them for the first time.


Engagement photos are perfect for Save the Dates or even the back of your wedding invitation. You can use them on your wedding website or have them printed to display at the reception. I’ve even had couples print their engagement photos in a hard back book to allow guests to sign on wedding day. There are literally so many ways to use your engagement photos!! Get creative!

Date Night

Need an excuse to have another date night? This is it!! You’re already dressed up and looking your best, so why not go out afterwards for a romantic dinner. Take this time to enjoy a quiet moment with your future spouse. Reminisce about the evening. Talk about the future. Just be in each other’s presence.

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Newly engaged and ready to start your engagement process? Contact me here to learn more about my collections (which all include a session!) and reserve your wedding date. I can’t wait to get to know you both!

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